DesignedToCheat.Com: The Rise of Internet Extramarital Affairs

As society loosens it’s reigns on what is morally acceptable, the traditional marriage has been caught up in the proverbial mosh pit fun, freedom and sex. You can no longer turn a blind eye to the increasing popularity of marital affairs websites. There are over 250 married dating sites.

Though all may not be up to par, they are still there. Granting the overworked business man a sweet companion during short business trips or the lonely, under-appreciated housewife to find intrigue and infatuation with a desirable distraction. The Internet has become a portal for quick anonymous hook-ups anywhere.

The recession has been a big factor in the increased use of these sites. With so many out of work, stressed over bills and child care and dwindling sexual intercourse with their partner, signing up for one of these help you cheat websites becomes more alluring by the minute. The financial benefit for someone attractive and looking to cash in or supplement their income could be endless.

Websites like EroticAffairs.Com,, and all allow you the ease of creating profiles and connecting married people together that are looking for a little something on the side. These sites allow discreet billing so the chances of getting caught via bank statements are slim to none compared to other marital dating websites. That extra protection entices those riding the fence into unknown territory.

Books That Reference Affairs

There are many books, blogs and research dedicated to the mystery of monogamy and whether it is something that can really be attained fully with complete happiness in all facets of life. Catherine Hakim wrote: The New Rules: Internet Dating, Playfairs and Erotic Power joining the growing masses who challenge if monogamy is an innate characteristic in humans. Engaging in an affair can be addicting to even the most seasoned cheater. Seduced by the fantasy, the danger and the sexual power fuels today’s married to venture into a somewhat toxic other realm.

The owner of these sites is noticing the profit of online dating sites that not only cater to the married, but to the single population also. Single based dating sites are seeing an increase in profiles made by married men and women. The extramarital affair use to be a niche market, but as the use of the sites grow they are making the curve to more mainstream markets.

Increasing the profits of the website owners and operators. In turn, creating a demand for devices and software aimed towards capturing a cheating spouse. Small start-ups and techies everywhere are cashing in on apps, tools and software that allow you to spy on your mate. Not to say that will deter new people from signing up to marital dating websites, just that the new ‘married-dater’ will be a lot more cautious.

Internet dating will be around as long as there is the Internet and married people will cheat as long as there is a reason to. The combination makes it easier to fulfill the burning desires of the unhappily married. For those who crave more, but aren’t will to give up on the foundation that was built to sustain a business partnership, a political stand or love.