About My Blog

I am native Londoner living in London, UK and living life on the singles’ scene.  This blog came about a few years ago when a group of my friends told me that I was the one person in our social group that they would always come to for relationship advice.  It appears that they all value what I tell them, despite the fact that I am single – although I must say that’s through choice.

I managed to get a number of article published in local magazines about dating, relationships, and single life, and so my blog really was a natural progression of that.  It lets me blog anonymously about these topics, and what I always do, and always will, is change the names to protect the innocent!

If you would like me to answer any questions that you have about relationships then please get in touch with me via the contact page on this website.  I try to answers all questions as quickly as possible, and won’t use your real name.  Please be aware though, I am always brutally honest and tell is like it is.