Top 10 Signs Of Infidelity

The Top 10 Signs of Infidelity

Infidelity experts believe that while cheating can cause pain, depression and eventual separation, persons offended should be able steer clear of such trouble by paying attention to mild clues and acting appropriately. Interestingly, experience doesn’t make one better at cheating!

There are quite a few signs of infidelity to look for in a cheating partner. Some will be difficult to see and others might require great indulgence. Others might never occur to you at all.

Here are the top 10 signs of infidelity. 

1. Lots of excuses- If he/she is seeing someone on the side, the two of you will have less time for each other. It’s natural that available time will be shared between you and the new catch. But they always have an excuse for every deed or misdeed.

2. Coming home late from work- when your spouse suddenly finds reasons to stay out late into the night, all is not well. Within a short time, a whole night out sounds just okay?! 

3. Suspicious phone behavior- This one is simple, frequent and easy to tell. The phone rings and he/she walks a few yards away from you before picking or they step out of the door to answer to a call. They also become more addicted to the phone.

4. Spending less on you- if income remains constant; spending less on you only means he is spending the balance somewhere.

5. Change in sex life- no one has all the energy to engage in continuous sex. Moreover, sexual attraction has so much to do with chemistry. If he/she appears less interested in sexual activity with you, be sure they are getting all the pleasure elsewhere.

6. Change in personal grooming- while tastes change and people want to keep up with fashion, a drastic change in grooming should worry you. People change to environments too and research shows that new partners will do everything to impress each other. 

7. Internet behavior- the internet has taken over as the mother of all evils. Everything goes on there from simple hookups to dates and so forth. If his computer time suddenly increases, something is going on. Either it’s a thriving business or he found some new love.

8. New email addresses- take note if your partner finds reason to open a new e-mail account especially if they seem to be trying hard to hide it from you.

9. Initiates petty arguments, complaints and is ready to pick up fights- if they are ready to lodge unending arguments over nothing and even dare you to a fight, trouble looms.

10. Olfactory clues- from lipstick on the shirt to lingering scents of strange colognes, this is evidence you can’t ignore. Look out for tobacco scents too especially if they don’t smoke.

There are a thousand other infidelity symptoms out there, like changing style of dress, wearing a new aftershave or perfume (in the case of women), spending time on the internet, surfing adult porn sites or adult dating sites, looking for casual relationships, nsa dating, or sex meets. Some spouses will leave the house during arguments, sometimes it will be anonymous calls and another tangible clue is increased proximity to a new friend. 

You may then have to make a decision to confront the situation. You don’t have to be sorry for your spouse, why should you when they started the mess? Instead seek advice from counselors to get professional guidance on the best way forward.