What Is An Extramarital Affair

What Is An Affair

It is a relationship or agreement between two people inclining towards sexual liaisons. It can be classified under various synonyms. A romantic liaison, a sexual relationship or a passionate attachment. In a romantic situation, unwed partners experiment with various forms of sexual escapades, without expecting to formalize the relationship. If the romance lacks overt and covert behavior, but exhibits an intense enduring emotional intimacy, then it becomes a platonic love.

Sexual romance is a passionate attachment likened to a casual relationship. People in open relationships or marriages, can have an agreement to date or swing with other partners.

In poly-amorous families liaisons are sanctioned, but can become extramarital affairs if the sanction is broken. A relationship outside of marriage, or an extramarital attachment, is where an illicit romance occurs. The ability to pursue a clandestine relationship while safeguarding the secret, requires skills in deception, thoughts, beliefs and the art of manipulative perception to alter feelings. Having sexual relationships with a married woman or man can lead to divorce on grounds of infidelity, or prosecution in some jurisdictions.

Since computer communication was introduced, a different kind of sexual intimacy, known as online or detachment, was born. It involves written letters or email, Skype or chat communication. Participants are strangers who have never actually met. They share and advice each other on issues of intimacy, while enjoying a romantic friendship. In general terms, sexual relationships can be described as what makes a woman feign interest in sports, while the man plays hide and seek.

An extramarital liaison is often termed as cheating or infidelity. The fear of rejection and lack of appreciation, creates an obligatory alliance. Romantic infidelity is when the cheater feels no attachment to their spouse, and is in need of a loving connection with someone else. Whereas a conflicted romance is when an individual is sexually attracted to a number of people, and wishes to experience with them sexual fantasies. In commemorative infidelity, only a sense of commitment is present, between a couple. The internet has made infidelity much easier and hundreds of web sites have popped up to cater for this trend like www.haveanaffair.eu

When the word affair is mentioned, what comes to mind is sexual unfaithfulness and disloyalty. This is no longer an exclusive male behavior, is not rare and has become an equal opportunity sphere. Online sex chatting is extremely prevalent and pose the biggest threat to the modern marriage. Marital infidelities of famous Presidents were dealt with publicly:

  • Bill Clinton

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • John F. Kennedy

  • Thomas Jefferson

And other public figures like:

  • Gary Hart

  • Marion Barry

  • Martin Luther King

  • Prince Charles

Infidelity has been an element in art and literature, long before the modern era. What then is a sexual liaison? Is it a secret intimate or sexual relationship? Is an extramarital attachment all about sex, sexual attraction and sexual activities? Or is it an agreement of mutual sexual benefits between two people? The list of celebrities having affairs seems to be endless!


An affair portrays lack of faith and love, to the existing sexual partner. It creates a vacuum of distrust, dysfunctional families, and has been a great contributor to the existence of single parenthood. But the fact is that more and more people are having affairs and the internet is helping this growth with the huge amount of marital affair web sites which are now available.