What Is An Extramarital Affair

What Is An Affair

It is a relationship or agreement between two people inclining towards sexual liaisons. It can be classified under various synonyms. A romantic liaison, a sexual relationship or a passionate attachment. In a romantic situation, unwed partners experiment with various forms of sexual escapades, without expecting to formalize the relationship. If the romance lacks overt and covert behavior, but exhibits an intense enduring emotional intimacy, then it becomes a platonic love.

Sexual romance is a passionate attachment likened to a casual relationship. People in open relationships or marriages, can have an agreement to date or swing with other partners.

In poly-amorous families liaisons are sanctioned, but can become extramarital affairs if the sanction is broken. A relationship outside of marriage, or an extramarital attachment, is where an illicit romance occurs. The ability to pursue a clandestine relationship while safeguarding the secret, requires skills in deception, thoughts, beliefs and the art of manipulative perception to alter feelings. Having sexual relationships with a married woman or man can lead to divorce on grounds of infidelity, or prosecution in some jurisdictions.

Since computer communication was introduced, a different kind of sexual intimacy, known as online or detachment, was born. It involves written letters or email, Skype or chat communication. Participants are strangers who have never actually met. They share and advice each other on issues of intimacy, while enjoying a romantic friendship. In general terms, sexual relationships can be described as what makes a woman feign interest in sports, while the man plays hide and seek.

An extramarital liaison is often termed as cheating or infidelity. The fear of rejection and lack of appreciation, creates an obligatory alliance. Romantic infidelity is when the cheater feels no attachment to their spouse, and is in need of a loving connection with someone else. Whereas a conflicted romance is when an individual is sexually attracted to a number of people, and wishes to experience with them sexual fantasies. In commemorative infidelity, only a sense of commitment is present, between a couple. The internet has made infidelity much easier and hundreds of web sites have popped up to cater for this trend like www.haveanaffair.eu

When the word affair is mentioned, what comes to mind is sexual unfaithfulness and disloyalty. This is no longer an exclusive male behavior, is not rare and has become an equal opportunity sphere. Online sex chatting is extremely prevalent and pose the biggest threat to the modern marriage. Marital infidelities of famous Presidents were dealt with publicly:

  • Bill Clinton

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • John F. Kennedy

  • Thomas Jefferson

And other public figures like:

  • Gary Hart

  • Marion Barry

  • Martin Luther King

  • Prince Charles

Infidelity has been an element in art and literature, long before the modern era. What then is a sexual liaison? Is it a secret intimate or sexual relationship? Is an extramarital attachment all about sex, sexual attraction and sexual activities? Or is it an agreement of mutual sexual benefits between two people? The list of celebrities having affairs seems to be endless!


An affair portrays lack of faith and love, to the existing sexual partner. It creates a vacuum of distrust, dysfunctional families, and has been a great contributor to the existence of single parenthood. But the fact is that more and more people are having affairs and the internet is helping this growth with the huge amount of marital affair web sites which are now available.

The Seven Kinds of Affairs – What Are They?

Knowing The Seven Kinds of Affairs

Have you noticed how a number of marriages fall apart because of extra-marital affairs? Have you seen a lot of couples break up due to unfaithfulness? The issue of having affairs has become phenomenal. It is no longer unusual these days. As a matter of fact, more than half of the total married couples have gone through the issue of extra-marital affairs.

Different Kinds of Affairs

Every affair outside marriage may be considered as sinful. However, while some might say there is only one kind of affair – and that is the sinful affair – in general, there are seven (7) specific kinds of affairs all in all. The kinds of affairs listed below are based upon the reason as to why a spouse has failed to be loyal and faithful to his/her partner.

 1.) The Lust Affair

We cannot deny that there are people who are just lustful in nature. Some people just find it hard to resist the temptation around them. They always have sexual desire for different people. Just because they are lustful does not already mean that they do not love their partner. Most of the time, the beat of their heart is different from the heat of their body.

 2.) The Denial Affair

This kind of affair is quite common, but not as common as the others. This is the type of affair wherein one or two of the people involved (the married person and the third party) are in denial about their affair. This means that they do not see their relationship as an affair. One good example of this is a younger sister and a married brother who tease each other erotically. They might not consider this as an affair due to the fact that they are “siblings.”

 3.) The Soulmates Affair

This kind of affair is probably among the most common kinds of affair. In this affair, the spouse who is guilty of adultery has found a lot of similarities with his/her extra-marital love interest. This may be due to the fact that the two have the same sexual interests, spiritual interests, intellectual interests and the likes.

 4.) The “Personal Issues” Affair

Most often than not, this kind of affair is just temporary. It just pops out of nowhere. This usually happens when a person remembers something so tragic. This despair leads him/her to something he/she must not do – having sexual intercourse with someone whom he/she is not married to.

 5.) The Mid-Life Affair

Couples do not hit milestone stages (such as menopause) at the same time. This means that someone might no longer be active sexually while the other one is still left with the burning desire to engage in sexual activities. In the end, the one who is not yet on his/her milestone stage looks for someone whom he/she can have some good time with.

 6.) The Revenge Affair

This affair is usually the result of extreme hatred and anger toward your partner. Probably, the other spouse has made something that made his/her partner unhappy and mad. As a way to get even, his/her partner decided to cheat on him/her.

 7.) The Unnoticed Partner Affair

This affair usually blooms when one of the couple is too busy with his/her other activities such as studies, career, home chores and more. He/she is too busy to mind and to give time to his/her partner. As a result, his/her partner looks for someone who can give him/her the time and attention he/she wanted from his/her spouse.

If you do not want to suffer from a failed marriage, you better remember all these kinds of affair. Avoid all the causes of affairs if you can. This is the only way you can keep your marriage long-lasting. However, many people will attest to the positive aspects of having an affair and that it has somehow made them have a reality check about their existing married relationship.

Thinking About Having An Extramarital Affair?

Should You Have An Extramarital Affair?

Are you thinking of having an extramarital affair? Should you? Is it worth it? Read this article to get some answers before deciding anything. It is better to have all the facts straight so that you will make the right decision. 

An affair can be best described when a married person is having sexual activity with a person other than his or her spouse. It can also be a single person having sexual activity with a married person.

Entering into this kind of relationship can make you feel excited and happy because there is the thrill of doing something new and out of the ordinary. The secrecy of the whole relationship can make it thrilling as you will have to find ways and means to see each other without being caught.

The sex can be great because it is with a new person who is willing to try and experiment with you to reach your highest pleasures. This illicit affair can also give your ego a new boost and your confidence a new high. Having another person interested and lust for you can do wonders to your sagging ego. It cannot be denied that entering into a marital affair can bring you new found confidence, happiness, excitement and never ending thrill. 

There is of course another side of the coin. Having an extramarital affair can also be very tiring emotionally and physically. This kind of relationship requires a lot of time and energy to be able to keep up with all the lies and all the secrecy. It is very hard to be able to juggle your time to make sure your family will not suspect anything.

Finding and making up excuses can take a toll on you emotionally as having to lie all the time can make you guilty and paranoid at the same time. When you are physically tired and emotionally stressed, you tend to vent out on your spouse and children. This can be devastating to your innocent spouse and most especially to your children as they have no way of understanding where your anger is coming from. The real damage happens when your Extramarital Affair is discovered.

It can create havoc on your marriage. It can permanently ruin your relationship with your spouse and even to your children. The respect you have worked so hard for over the years can just disappear in a snap. Another important thing to consider is when you decide to end your affair. It will not only hurt your partner but it will also hurt you if you have already invested emotionally to your illicit affair. Some women are not able to accept the end of the relationship and create trouble for you with your spouse. 

There is definitely a good and bad side to having an extramarital affair but the bad definitely outweighs the good. It cannot be denied that nothing good will come out of something that started on the wrong foot. You will not find real happiness in a relationship that is wrong and hurtful most especially to an innocent spouse. The confidence, happiness, excitement and thrill may not be worth the pain and agony you might inflict on your family in the long run. Having written that, many marriages actually improve as a result, because the partner having the affair, realises what he or she is missing and returns to the relationship with renewed vigour. If you feel like having an affair, this is one I particularly recommend, having heard really good things about it from my girlfriends: http://haveanaffair.tv

DesignedToCheat.Com: The Rise of Internet Extramarital Affairs

As society loosens it’s reigns on what is morally acceptable, the traditional marriage has been caught up in the proverbial mosh pit fun, freedom and sex. You can no longer turn a blind eye to the increasing popularity of marital affairs websites. There are over 250 married dating sites.

Though all may not be up to par, they are still there. Granting the overworked business man a sweet companion during short business trips or the lonely, under-appreciated housewife to find intrigue and infatuation with a desirable distraction. The Internet has become a portal for quick anonymous hook-ups anywhere.

The recession has been a big factor in the increased use of these sites. With so many out of work, stressed over bills and child care and dwindling sexual intercourse with their partner, signing up for one of these help you cheat websites becomes more alluring by the minute. The financial benefit for someone attractive and looking to cash in or supplement their income could be endless.

Websites like EroticAffairs.Com, AffairsCLub.com, AshleyMadison.com and HaveAnAffair.tv all allow you the ease of creating profiles and connecting married people together that are looking for a little something on the side. These sites allow discreet billing so the chances of getting caught via bank statements are slim to none compared to other marital dating websites. That extra protection entices those riding the fence into unknown territory.

Books That Reference Affairs

There are many books, blogs and research dedicated to the mystery of monogamy and whether it is something that can really be attained fully with complete happiness in all facets of life. Catherine Hakim wrote: The New Rules: Internet Dating, Playfairs and Erotic Power joining the growing masses who challenge if monogamy is an innate characteristic in humans. Engaging in an affair can be addicting to even the most seasoned cheater. Seduced by the fantasy, the danger and the sexual power fuels today’s married to venture into a somewhat toxic other realm.

The owner of these sites is noticing the profit of online dating sites that not only cater to the married, but to the single population also. Single based dating sites are seeing an increase in profiles made by married men and women. The extramarital affair use to be a niche market, but as the use of the sites grow they are making the curve to more mainstream markets.

Increasing the profits of the website owners and operators. In turn, creating a demand for devices and software aimed towards capturing a cheating spouse. Small start-ups and techies everywhere are cashing in on apps, tools and software that allow you to spy on your mate. Not to say that will deter new people from signing up to marital dating websites, just that the new ‘married-dater’ will be a lot more cautious.

Internet dating will be around as long as there is the Internet and married people will cheat as long as there is a reason to. The combination makes it easier to fulfill the burning desires of the unhappily married. For those who crave more, but aren’t will to give up on the foundation that was built to sustain a business partnership, a political stand or love.